Sunday, May 13, 2012

THE JANINE TURNER RADIO SHOW 5/12/2012 -- Mitt Romney, Craig James, Tom Leppart, Ted Cruz, Christie Craddic, and Joe Barton

Tonight, a very special Election Episode of The Janine Turner Radio Show. There are many things that threaten America today. Debt. Terrorism. Entitlement mentality. Constitutional ignorance. Civic laziness. Corruption. There is no greater threat to America, however, than the dubious work of many Representatives and Senators in the Legislative Branch of the United States government. Let's bring reason back to our government! Janine speaks to GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, U.S. Senate candidates Ted Cruz, Tom Leppart, and Craig James, U.S. Representative Joe Barton, and Texas Railroad Commission candidate Christie Craddick. Remember, Reason is a civic responsibility! Thanks for listening, y'all! As always, join Janine every Saturday evening from 9p-11p CST from her home studio at News and Information 570 KLIF in Dallas, TX, or from anywhere in the world on  Follow Janine on Facebook and Twitter, read her columns in the Washington Examiner and PJ Media, blog with her on Constituting America, or text "Janine" to 90210.