Saturday, October 29, 2011

THE JANINE TURNER RADIO SHOW -- 10/29/11 -- Sandra Day O'Connor, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Phil Kerpen, and Max McClean

It's the night before Halloween at the Janine Turner ranch, and while all the ghosts and goblins are warming up before the big night, Janine knows the you, the loyal listener, need your weekly dose of reason! So, Janine has put together an All-Star line-up: Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor; Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison; VP of Americans for Prosperity Phil Kerpen; and actor/director Max McClean. Does it get any better? Join Janine every Saturday evening from her home studio at 570 KLIF-AM in Dallas, TX from 9pm-11pm CST. You can also listen live from anywhere in the world on Have something to say to Janine? Go to her Facebook site or Twitter; or, blog on her website at Also, please check out Janine's project at Have a happy and safe Halloween!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

THE JANINE TURNER RADIO SHOW -- 10/15/11 -- Janine dishes with Congressman Alan West , Attorney General Ed Meese, and YOU!

Another fab Saturday night from the ranch! Janine dishes tonight on her favorite subject: The Constitution! Janine talks to former Reagan Attorney General Ed Meese about the Obama administration and the 17th Amendment, among other topics. What?! You don't know what the 17th Amendment is? Get thee to Google and look it up! Janine also talks to Congressman Alan West, who she thinks would make a wonderful President! And finally, Janine is very concerned about the "czars" in the Obama administration, and she's delighted when you call to dish on that and anything else on your mind! Tune in every Saturday evening from 9pm to 11pm from her home studio at 570 KLIF-AM in Dallas, TX, or at You can also follow her live from Facebook or Ustream. ***Programming note: next Saturday, 10/22, Janine will be preempted by the SMU football game. Janine will return the following Saturday, 10/29, with a pre-recorded show featuring former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, and Max Mcclean. Why is the show pre-recorded? Juliette is starring in her school play! So all you single moms out there can represent! Let's all wish Juliette good luck!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

THE JANINE TURNER RADIO SHOW -- 10/08/11 -- Janine welcomes Ed Gillespie, Congressman Joe Barton, and Judge Jim Rogan

Howdy y'all! Janine is back live from her ranch in North Texas. This week Janine talks to GOP political consultant, and husband of Janine's producer and best friend Cathy, Ed Gillespie. Then she talks to Congressman Joe Barton, R-Arlington. And finally, she interviews Judge Jim Rogan about her favorite topic: the Constitution, and also about Judge Rogan's experience as one of the House Managers during former President Bill Clinton's impeachment trial. Speaking of the Constitution, did you hear the one about the school in Georgia that cancelled Constitution Day because the speaker is affiliated with the Tea Party? Yeah, that's got Janine all riled up! And what's this about Juliette painting the family poodle's ear blue!? Well, that's the kind of crazyness you have to tune in to The Janine Turner Radio Show to find out about! Join Janine every Saturday evening from 9pm-11pm CST from her home studio at 570 KLIF-AM, or live on You can also see Janine live from her Facebook page or her website at

Sunday, October 2, 2011

THE JANINE TURNER RADIO SHOW -- 10/01/11 -- Janine hosts Congressman Morgan Griffith, journalist John Fund, and contest winner Kori Caswell

Tonight's edition of The Janine Turner Radio Show is prerecorded. C'mon, Janine gets to have a day off now and then! But, because she knows your Saturday night is incomplete without listening to her on KLIF, Janine prerecorded several very interesting and timely interviews. Janine talks to Virginia Congressman Morgan Griffith about the Solyndra scandal, conservative journalist John Fund about the "Fast Five" gun scandal, and constitutional scholar Horace Cooper (you didn't think you were going to get out of your study of the Constitution, did you?). Janine's special guest tonight is Kori Caswell, a high school student who won a song contest for Janine's foundation, Constituting America. Janine talks to Kori about the freedoms guaranteed to us by the Founding Fathers, and she proudly presents the radio debut of Kori's contest-winning song! Next week, October 8th, Janine returns! Catch her show live each Saturday from 9pm-11pm CST from her home studio in Dallas, TX on 570 KLIF-AM. You can also listen live on and Ustream, and you can follow Janine on Facebook and Twitter.