Sunday, November 20, 2011

THE JANINE TURNER RADIO SHOW -- 11/19/11 -- Congressman Michael Burgess, Joe Miller, and Jocelyn White

Wow! Janine has really added to her frequent flier miles the past two weeks! Philadelphia one week, Seattle the next. This weekend Janine is back broadcasting from the ranch. Home sweet home! And what an amazing show tonight! First, Congressman Michael Burgess, R-TX, who represents much of the Dallas/Fort Worth area in the House of Representatives, talks about Obamacare and China. Next is Janine's good friend Jocelyn White, Dallas' first female weather forecaster, on her TV/radio career and her new show on WFAA-TV, Channel 8, called "Designing DFW with Jocelyn White." Then, Joe Miller. He's the guy from Alaska who beat Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the GOP primary in 2010, but instead of accepting the people's decision, Murkowski ran for the Senate as an Independent and won re-election. He's now the chairman of the Restoring Liberty Action Committee, and don't count him out of politics in the future! Finally, David Greenblatt is back for another segment of the Reading Reasoning Corner. Join Janine every Saturday evening from 9pm-11pm CST from her home studio at Talk Radio 570 KLIF-AM, or on You can also follow Janine on Ustream or her Facebook and Twitter pages. Also, follow Janine's blog on her Constituting America website. And all you single moms out there, holla: this week is Juliette's B-day. Her present? A slumber party at the ranch. Oh joy, a house full of teenage girls lol! Happy Birthday, Juliette! :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

THE JANINE TURNER RADIO SHOW -- 11/12/11 -- Gov. Jan Brewer, Ted Cruz, and The Bellamy Brothers

Wow, is Janine ever excited! She's in Seattle, WA this weekend, and she got the chance to go back to Roslyn, WA, where her show "Northern Exposure" was filmed. This is the first time Janine has been back there since the show ended! She and Juliette reconnected with some old friends and took a trip down memory lane. But, never fear, she has not forgotten her radio listeners! Tonight, Janine talks to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer about her new book and her courage in the face of the Obama Administration's efforts to stop her from securing her own border. She also interviews Ted Cruz, former TX Solicitor General and candidate for the U.S. Senate to replace Kay Bailey Hutchison. Janine also continues her Reading Reason Book Corner series with David Greenblatt. Finally, Janine is so excited to talk to country music legends The Bellamy Brothers! Tell ya what, Janine is by no means "Sleepless in Seattle!" :D As always, listen to Janine live every Saturday evening from 9pm-11pm CST from her home studio at Talk Radio 570 KLIF-AM, or live on You can also watch the show live on her Facebook page on Ustream. Follow Janine's blog on her Constituting America website. Take Care! And, in honor of Veteran's Day and the Marine Corps' birthday this past week, please be sure to thank our current and former servicemen and women who have sacrificed so much to ensure our freedoms!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

THE JANINE TURNER RADIO SHOW -- 11/5/11 -- Joanne Herring, Tom Leppert, and David Greenblatt

Janine is so excited to have some very special guests on the show tonight! Joanne Herring has a new book called "Diplomacy and Diamonds", which is a MUST read. You may remember her as being played by Julia Roberts in the movie "Charlie Wilson's War". Janine also dishes with U.S. Senate candidate and former Dallas mayor Tom Leppart. Finally, Janine is starting a book club called "The Reasoning Reading Corner", and her first guest author is David Greenblatt. As always, join Janine every Saturday night at 9pm-11pm CST from her home studio at Talk Radio 570 KLIF-AM in Dallas, TX, or live online at You can also follow Janine from her Facebook page or Ustream. And please, check out Janine's blog on her Constituting America website! Oh, don't forget -- turn your clocks back an hour tonight! Yay Daylight Savings! :)