Sunday, February 26, 2012

THE JANINE TURNER RADIO SHOW 2/25/2012 -- Peggy Noonan, Andrea Tantaros, Mark Joseph, and Mike Jones

Howdy! Janine is away this weekend on business, so this week's show is prerecorded. But she knows her fans just can't make it through a weekend without listening to her on KLIF! So she took the best interviews from her weekday internet show and played them for you tonight. First up is FOX News contributor and GOP political strategist Andrea Tantaros. She and Janine talk about an issue she's very concerned about, which is the growing gender gap in the GOP presidential candidates' appeal to women. As a single mom, Janine is worried the candidates may be alienating conservative women. Next up is the legendary Peggy Noonan, author and speechwriter for President Ronald Reagan. In Hour 2, Janine starts off with Mark Joseph, conservative Hollywood producer who is releasing a new movie called "Doonby". Starring John Schneider, the movie is about a man who is lost but finds himself in small town Texas. Speaking of business, Janine is starting a new segment on entrepreneurship, and what better way to start than by having Mike Jones on. Faithful listeners have heard Janine gush about a program called "Art Classes Around the World." This program is owned by Mike, and he tells about being an entrepreneur in today's America. Janine ends this weeks show with David Greenblatt and the Reading Reasoning Corner. David and Janine discuss the current book "James Madison" by Richard Brookhiser. Join Janine every Saturday evening from 9-11pm CST from her home studio at Talk Radio 570 KLIF-AM in Dallas, TX, or from anywhere in the world on Follow Janine on Facebook and Twitter, on her blog, at Constituting America, or text "Janine" to 90210. Have a great day! :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

THE JANINE TURNER RADIO SHOW 2/18/2012 -- Rick Santorum, Tucker Carlson, Congressman Pete Sessions, and Dr. Craig Mitchell

Well, Janine is on Single Mom duty again tonight, so she couldn't make it to the studio. But, as they say in Hollywood, the show must go on! So, Janine called in and we had our normal fantastic show! Speaking of Single Moms, Janine is very excited to speak to GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum. Given the recent flack over his statements about traditional families, this seemed like a good time to get his thoughts. Janine scored a real coup in getting an interview with Tucker Carlson, founder and editor of the The Daily Caller. They talk about the recent revelations about the ultra-left Media Matters group and how they influence and intimidate the mainstream media. Congressman Pete Sessions from right here in Dallas, TX is also on tonight! He and Janine talk about the recent budget deal and President Obama's agenda. Dr. Craig Mitchell is a professor of economics and recently testified before Congress about religious freedoms in America. Given how President Obama wants to take our freedoms away, and with the controversy over making employers provide contraceptives to women, whether religious institutions agree with it or not, this was a particularly timely topic. Next week, join Janine in the studio right here at Talk Radio 570 KLIF-AM in Dallas, TX, from 9pm-11pm CST. Or, listen live from anywhere in the world on You can follow Janine on Facebook and Twitter, her website at Constituting America, or text "Janine" to 90210 for daily news updates. Thanks, y'all! :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

THE JANINE TURNER RADIO SHOW 2/11/2012 -- Starring....YOU!

Janine is known for having many famous and interesting guests on her show, ranging from politicians to celebrities to scholars. Tonght, Janine throws the rule book out the window. Her guest tonight is--YOU! You have called, texted, blogged, and emailed asking Janine to take more calls from listeners. So, the heck with guests. Janine wants to talk to you! And boy, did you have a lot on your mind! The night began with the sad news of the unfortunate death of one of music's greatest talents, Whitney Houston. All of us at The Janine Turner Radio Show send our condolences to Whitney's family. Then, it was on to your calls! It seems a lot of you follow Janine on her appearances every Friday on the O'Reilly Factor on Fox News Channel, and women in combat dominated the conversation. Many of you had strong opinions on this topic, including the guy who thinks women shouldn't be in combat because...women stink??? (Wonder if this guy is married lol!) Other topics included President Obama trying to force religious institutions to provide contraceptives to women against their principles. Next week promises more of the same, so please listen live from 9pm-11pm CST from her home studio at Talk Radio 570 KLIF in Dallas, TX, or live from anywhere in the world on Follow Janine on Facebook, Twitter, Constituting America, and text "Janine" to 90210 for news updates throughout the day. Thanks, y'all! :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

THE JANINE TURNER RADIO SHOW 2/4/2012 -- Gov. Mitch Daniels, Kinky Friedman, Conn Carroll, and David Greenblatt

Howdy! Welcome to The Janine Turner Radio Show! Thanks for listening in! Janine asks you to bear with her, because she's on Single Mom duty tonight. She has to pick up her daughter Juliette, so Janine can only do the show live for the first 45 minutes tonight. Single moms, represent! But, because Janine absolutely loves talking to you, she devotes those 45 minutes to taking your calls. Thanks so much for sharing your opinions! For the rest of the show, Janine prerecorded some interviews with super interesting people. First up is Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels. Janine and Gov. Daniels talk about the GOP race, President Obama, and of course, the Super Bowl! Janine has signed on to the "Run Mitch, Run!" campaign. What do you think? Next is the always funny and insightful Kinky Friedman. In addition to being a country musician, author, and political commentator, Kinky ran for Texas Governor in 2010. Conn Carroll is the Senior Editorial Writer and Janine's fellow columnist for the Washington Examiner. Boy, has Conn been making waves in D.C. lately lol! Finally, David Greenblatt is back this week for the Reasoning Reading Corner. Janine and David are reading "James Madison" by Richard Brookhiser. We all should be more familiar with our Founding Fathers. Right, President Obama? ;) As always, join Janine every Saturday evening from 9pm-11pm CST from her home studio at Talk Radio 570 KLIF-AM in Dallas, TX. Or, listen live on the internet from anywhere in the world on You can also follow Janine on Facebook, Twitter, Constituting America, or text "Janine" to 90210 for news updates direct to your phone. Thanks! :)))